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Generating plant, power distribution systems, lighting, fire detection and alarms, power and contr ol systems.



Air Conditioning, building automation, controls, heating and hot water, industrial and process services..



Hot and Cold water, drainage, fire Fighting, gas, plumbing and sanitation, rainwater, sewage treatment ..

Procurement & Inspection & approvals

Procurement is the most important variable activity in any project’s critical path, as it is not only getting it on time and within the budget, but it is vital to guarantee the performance over its designed operational life.

The electrical engineering field is dictated by the reliability and integrity of its service. The single most important factor, second to the engineering, is the hardware components that are vital to complete the circle.
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In view of the above we have formulated a strategy whereby the following is assessed:

  • Customer requirement and specification
  • Geographical location of end user
  • Local availability and backup
  • Budget restraints and compatibility
  • Comparison by supplier
  • Future support and redundancies
  • User friendly and basic maintenance
  • Delivery time on non stock items
  • Difficulty of installation and replacement
  • Product guarantee and restraints
  • Inspection and test procedure during manufacture
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icon Planning
icon Co-ordination
icon Engineering
icon Procurement & Inspection & approvals
icon Project Management
icon Installation
icon Testing & Commissioning
icon Operating & Maintenance
Quality Control & Policy
Acme Group has a plan that contains its policy, system, program and plans for matters of Quality Assurance / Quality Control. Acme Group requires that all its employees who may handle quality should be familiar with this plan. It represents an essential part of Acme Group policy and any deviation is considered as a serious breach of conduct.
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