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Generating plant, power distribution systems, lighting, fire detection and alarms, power and contr ol systems.



Air Conditioning, building automation, controls, heating and hot water, industrial and process services..



Hot and Cold water, drainage, fire Fighting, gas, plumbing and sanitation, rainwater, sewage treatment ..

Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  • Electric power transmission (design, supply, install, testing & commission):
    • HV Transmission over head lines, 132 KV / 33KV and 11 KV
    • Transmission substations (indoor / outdoor).
    • HV cables, joints and terminations.


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  • Electric power distribution (design, supply, install, testing & commission):
    • MV Overhead Load & underground networks
    • Outdoor & indoor MV switch gears
    • Ring main units & package S/S'S.
    • LV networks & distribution pillar boards.
    • Lighting system "street & area fields ".
    • Power factor correction equipment.
  • Industrial plants (design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning)
    • Indoor & outdoor switch gears & transformers
    • Motor control centers.
    • Cables, joints & termination (MV & LV).
    • Control & instruments panel boards & control desks
    • Power factor correction equipment & uninterruptible power supply equipment
    • Pumps, pipe works & instrumentation
    • Power conditioning equipment & LV supply equipment.



  • Commercial (supply, install, testing & commission)
    • Lighting system
    • Power system
    • Low current systems
    • Emergency lighting system
Best Services
icon Planning
icon Co-ordination
icon Engineering
icon Procurement & Inspection & approvals
icon Project Management
icon Installation
icon Testing & Commissioning
icon Operating & Maintenance
Quality Control & Policy
Acme Group has a plan that contains its policy, system, program and plans for matters of Quality Assurance / Quality Control. Acme Group requires that all its employees who may handle quality should be familiar with this plan. It represents an essential part of Acme Group policy and any deviation is considered as a serious breach of conduct.
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